independent facilities management consultancy

founded by jon newson in 2002 daimon provides independent consultancy services to the property owners, operators and service providers alike. from facilities audits over a matter of days to interim management solutions over months daimon provides confidence in an authoritative and independent service

daimon provides interim management, facilities advice and solutions for a number of national and international service providers, real estate management companies, and working for clients such as Ernst & Young, RBS, Shell, BG Group, EDS, Digiplex, Thistle Hotels, Land Securities, PruPIM, MoJ, Lewisham Council & Dubai Property Group

experienced in corporate and critical environments; retail, hotel and mixed use property sectors, for owners, operators and landlords alike, daimon designs, provides and implements B2B facilities solutions that deliver the desired results

"very innovative consultant with an in depth knowledge and understanding of facilities and maintenance management - always willing to think outside the box and push the boundaries"


[dahy-mohn] (from the greek daimwn lt. daemon) is a guardian spirit of a place or person; good or benevolent supernatural being and located between mortals and gods; confers good fortune and protection